Roseville City School District Adopts Policy Limiting Cell Phone Use at Middle Schools

May 10, 2024

Roseville, CA – The Roseville City School District School Board unanimously adopted a new cell phone policy championed by Board Trustee Jonathan Zachreson Thursday night that will turn each of their middle schools into “phone free zones” next school year. The policy will require middle school students to turn off and put away their cell phones from the moment they arrive at school until the moment school ends. Exceptions would only apply in the case of an emergency, for medical necessity determined by a physician, or if required as part of a student’s individualized education program.

“In talking with our teachers, administrators and parents and from my own experience as a parent, it is clear cell phone use at school causes significant issues,” said Trustee Zachreson. “Not only will this policy reduce classroom distractions, but growing evidence shows limiting cell phone use at school leads to better student outcomes, improved mental health for students, and a reduction in behavior issues. Limiting their use at school is a commonsense solution that will both support teachers and benefit students.”

The newly adopted cell phone policy also received praise from AB 3216 author Assemblymember Josh Hoover. AB 3216 is a bi-partisan bill making its way through the California legislature that would require schools to adopt policies to limit or prohibit the use of smartphones at school.

“I am grateful for RCSD’s commitment to protecting and improving the mental health and academic outcomes of students in our region,” said Assemblymember Hoover. “Research continues to demonstrate the potential harms of smartphone use among children. The growing use of these devices in a child’s everyday life can contribute to lower test scores, anxiety, depression, and even suicide. When local school districts take action to limit the use of smartphones during the school day they are helping protect kids from these potential harms.”

The Roseville City School District is located in Placer County and serves approximately 12,000 students TK through 8th grade. To learn more about RCSD, visit

Assemblymember Hoover Represents the 7th Assembly District in Sacramento County and is running for re-election this November. To learn more, visit

Trustee Zachreson is a long-time Roseville resident and community leader running for re-election this November in the newly created Trustee Area 5. To learn more, visit

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