Educational Excellence

Thriving students are the heart of our education mission. I’ll work to enhance academic programs, support extracurricular activities, and allocate resources to ensure every student reaches their full potential.

Parental Involvement

Students thrive when parents are involved and when there is trust between schools and parents. I'm committed to empowering parents to actively participate in their children's education and advancing policies that promote transparency and collaboration between schools and parents.

School Safety

Keeping our schools safe is a top priority. That is why I proudly voted to support enhanced safety measures to protect our students and staff from outside threats. I will continue to support measures to keep everyone at school safe.

Fiscal Sustainability

With my 20+ years of business experience and as a CPA, I will advocate for responsible budgeting, seeking innovative solutions to maximize resources while maintaining educational excellence.

I’m proud RCSD is in good fiscal shape as California schools face uncertainty in state funding. I will continue to support fiscal sustainable budgets for our district.

Improve Attendance

When students are at school, they learn. Additionally, attendance is tied to school funding.

When I took office in 2022, 26% of RCSD students were chronically absent. After directing staff to make improving attendance a key priority, RCSD’s chronic absenteeism rate improved to 19% in 2023, bucking state trends. This not only helped student outcomes, but will bring our district approximately $4 million in additional funding.

While this is great news, we have more to do. I will continue to support our “Every Day Matters” campaign and work with staff to further improve attendance.

Improve Behavior

A common concern shared by both teachers and parents are behavior issues at school. That’s why I’m committed to advancing policies that will help improve behavior, reduce classroom distractions, and ultimately improve the well-being of all students.

I’m proud to have championed RCSD’s recently approved cell-phone policy and will continue to take similarly bold steps to improve the school environment.

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